Cannabis Talk A to Z with Frankie Boyer, Vol. 1
Frankie Boyer

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Narrated By: Frankie Boyer

Duration: 5 hours and 46 minutes

What to expect

Frankie Boyer launched Cannabis A–Z, to tackle the truth about cannabis, and as always, the interviews and conversations are insightful, inspiring, and educational. The series navigates the landscape of the dynamic cannabis industry, from science-driven, and published research on the health benefits of dietary phytocannabinoids—to the most prolific array of renewable resource products including foods, body care, clothing, construction materials, biofuels, composites and critical climate change mitigation and solutions.

Whether you are an advocate for the industry, one of its many new consumers, or simply curious, Frankie invites you to join her as she attempts to lift the veil of misunderstanding around this multifunctional plant. Her guests range from CEO’s to medical, legal and educational professionals who inform, entertain, educate, as well as influence policy.


Complementary therapies, healing and health

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“Frankie Boyer uses her voice to uplift the human spirit, ground listeners in their own possibilities, and helps them to fulfill their dreams. In the often dark world of talk radio, Frankie is a shining light.”