Stay Tuned
Jenniffer Weigel

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Narrated By: Jenniffer Weigel

Duration: 4 hours and 47 minutes

What to expect

When a local psychic reduces Chicago’s popular, down-to-earth sportscaster Tim Weigel to tears, his daughter Jenniffer questions her own spiritual beliefs. Stay Tuned is Jenniffer’s story of a father and daughter’s journey from materialistic journalists to spiritually attuned spiritual beings—a journey that continues even after his death.

During his illness, while Tim turns to alternative treatments like chi gong and reiki sessions, Jenniffer reads Neale Donald Walsch, starts a spiritual diet plan, and uses the law of attraction to find free parking spaces. The book takes you on a witty, irreverent trip through popular spiritual beliefs and insights of masters and celebrities, including Don Miguel Ruiz, James Van Praagh, and Russell Crowe, as this intelligent, award-winning broadcaster transforms from “cynical daughter” to “spiritual woman.”


Spiritualism, Chakras, auras and spiritual energy

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“Jenniffer takes you on a fun ride. Enjoy the journey into self-awareness and have a good laugh along the way.”