Antti Tuomainen

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Narrated By: Simon Shepherd

Duration: 5 hours and 39 minutes

What to expect

It's two days before Christmas and Helsinki is battling ruthless climate catastrophe: subway tunnels are flooded; abandoned vehicles are burning in the streets. People are fleeing to the far north where conditions are still tolerable. Social order is crumbling and private security firms have undermined the police force. Tapani Lehtinen, a struggling poet, is among the few still willing to live in the city.

When Tapani's wife Johanna, a journalist, goes missing, he embarks on a frantic hunt for her. Johanna's disappearance seems to be connected to a story she was researching about a serial killer known as 'The Healer'. Determined to find Johanna, Tapani's search leads him to uncover secrets from her past: secrets that connect her to the very murders she was investigating...

Atmospheric and moving, The Healer is a story of survival, loyalty and determination. Even when the world is coming to an end, love and hope endure.


Modern & contemporary fiction, Crime & mystery fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction

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Breathtakingly tense, with the taste of blood on every page. It is impossible to stop reading until you reach the end...

Turun Sanomat (Finland)

I implore you to read one more Scandinavian thriller. Antti Tuomainen's The Healer is a mix between Stieg Larsson and an introduction to Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Booksellers' Choice

Thrillingly atmospheric

Liz Jensen

Tuomainen truly succeeds in conveying the glistening streets and the neon-lit, rain-saturated, decaying urban environment

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

The ability to use all the tricks of crime fiction and all the tools of poetry makes Tuomainen's work unique, and that combination makes the reader fall in love with his style. You cannot but value things around you more after reading The Healer