Trouble In Paradise
Pip Granger

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Narrated By: Tanya Myers

Duration: 12 hours and 10 minutes

What to expect

Perfect for fans of Donna Douglas and Nancy Revell, a heart-warming saga set in post war London from Sunday Times bestselling author Pip Granger.

"She brings the East End to life..." - Barbara Windsor
"Read it straight through..." - ***** Reader review.
"Love her writing." - ***** Reader review.


: The end of the war spreads joy through London, but for Zelda Fluck the news isn't all good. The end to hostilities will bring her violent husband Charlie home. It also sets off a chain of events that brings more strife and destruction to the people of Paradise Gardens in Hackney than did the Blitz.

That's not all. Zelda's nephew, Tony, is hanging around Brian Hole, a one-boy crime wave and only child of Ma Hole, leader of the local spivs.

But Tony can sing - he has, in fact, the voice of an angel - and Zelda's friend, Zinnia knows a voice coach in Soho whose lessons may be able to straighten Tony out.

The people Zelda meets there change her life. Will she find a way out of Hackney and her failed marriage?

Trouble in Paradise is a prequel to Pip Granger's Rosie novels...


Generational sagas, Narrative theme: Love & relationships, Family life fiction, Humorous fiction, Slang & dialect humour, Second World War fiction, Narrative theme: Sense of place

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Writing from the heart, Granger is unique in popular fiction in that she is able to tie in a fictional family saga with the big social changes going on in post war London.It's also a great Tube read, that takes you on a nostalgic journey back to a lost cockney paradise that never was.

What's On in London

'She brings the East End to life'

Barbara Windsor

Highly evocative of a time, a place, a people, and a changing way of life in London at the end of World War II, this is a satisfying, compelling novel.


Heart-warming East End story, brimming with lively characters and the issues and problems affecting a London community in 1945.