Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier
Terry Darlington

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Narrated By: Steve Hodson

Duration: 9 hours and 27 minutes

What to expect

At seventy-five, Terry and Monica Darlington had done everything they could think of doing, including starting a business and becoming athletes and running a literary society.Lately they had become boating adventurers and Terry a bestselling writer.

But in their Midlands canal town in November, life was looking dull and short on surprises.

Then their famous canal boat was destroyed by fire. Within a few days they had bought a new one and soon headed north in the Phyllis May 2 – to Liverpool, Lancaster, the Pennines and Wigan Pier. Terry recorded the journey, and alongside it the story of his life and his marriage and his dog Jim, with his broken ear like a flat cap, and Monica’s dog Jess, known with heartbreaking reason as the Flying Catastrophe.

Funny, affecting and beautifully told, this is a story that brims with incident and excitement, and is full of the famous and fascinating people the Darlingtons have met. And there is sadness too of course – it is the true story of an adventurous life well lived.


Travel writing, Biography: general

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Big-hearted, ribald and rambunctious fun

Saga Magazine

Big-hearted, ribald and rambunctious fun

SAGA magazine

full of humour...I wholeheartedly recommend this gentle tale of two pensioners and their adventures as it's great fun.