Science Of Discworld II
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen

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Narrated By: Michael Fenton Stevens, Stephen Briggs

Duration: 12 hours and 44 minutes

What to expect

The acclaimed Science of Discworld centred around an original Pratchett story about the Wizards of Discworld. In it they accidentally witnessed the creation and evolution of our universe, a plot which was interleaved with a Cohen & Stewart non-fiction narrative about Big Science. In The Science of Discworld II our authors join forces again to see just what happens when the wizards meddle with history in a battle against the elves for the future of humanity on Earth. London is replaced by a dozy Neanderthal village. The Renaissance is given a push. The role of fat women in art is developed. And one very famous playwright gets born and writes The Play. Weaving together a fast-paced Discworld novelette with cutting-edge scientific commentary on the evolution and development of the human mind, culture, language, art, and science, this is a book in which 'the hard science is as gripping as the fiction'. (The Times)


Popular science, Evolution, Social & cultural history

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Superb, neatly fulfilling its goal of introducing science without being boring of didactic. This is a genuinely mind-expanding and very funny book.

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A book in which the hard science is as gripping as the fiction

The Times

Entertaining, instructive and illuminating