Dream Master
Theresa Breslin

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Narrated By: Clifford Norgate

Duration: 3 hours and 24 minutes

What to expect

When Cy meets the Dream Master as he's struggling to wake up one morning in time for school, he can hardly believe that this funny little man can have the power to control dreams. But when the ancient Egyption boy, Amun, who Cy's met in his dream, suddenly ends up in his wardrobe in real life, he can hardly doubt it! The trouble it's now up to Cy, who has always struggled with writing and complex school work, to work out how to help Amun get back to Ancient Egypt but not to a time when his life is in danger. And, Cy has to do it without arousing the suspicions of his parents, his annoying, boy-mad older sister, his teachers OR class bullies, the Mean Machines.


Children's / Teenage fiction: Historical fiction, Children's / Teenage fiction: Fantasy

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'Engaging fantasy... treads assuredly the line between thrills and laughs'
The Observer

'There is a unique quality about the moment when one slips into a dream. Theresa Breslin catches it beautifully in her delightful new children's novel, THE DREAM MASTER.... plenty of amusing detail... subtle sensitivity... accessible to slow readers... Above all, this book is about power, showing subtly and wittily that apparently powerless children can take control of some aspects of their lives and make their mark. Now dream on...'
The Glasgow Herald


'Pacy, clever and entertaining, with a suprising denouement'
The Sunday Times