Stressed Eric's Guide To Stress Management
Carl Gorham and Michael Hatt

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Narrated By: , Mark Heap

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

What to expect

Eric Feeble is 40, a single parent, and works in the Data department at Power Enterprises. His expertise in the field of stress management is very much rooted in personal experience (such as coping with an underachieving son and an allergy-ridden daughter, sharing a house with a criminally-inclined au pair and having an office next to the gentlemen's lavatory). His stress management guide deals with the real problems of today: having to boast about your child when he's self-evidently talentless and ugly, having to listen to bagpipes, having to do Daniel Deronda at charades and having to watch Keanu Reeves act. This guide takes a critical look at the causes of stress and at current therapies, assessing their usefulness from a layperson's point of view (ie, it's not just another pile of pants written by an American called Dwight Freem). Performed by Mark Heap, with Morwenna Banks and Geoffrey McGivern.



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