Lost Property: The Complete Series
Katie Hims

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Narrated By: Alex Tregear, Edna Dore, , Gary Beadle, Jane Wittenshaw, Rosie Cavaliero, Shannon Flynn

Duration: 2 hours and 12 minutes

What to expect

This history of relatives lost and found was originally broadcast on 3, 10 and 17 May 2011 in the 'Afternoon Play' slot. The first play, 'The Wrong Label', is set in London in 1941. Alice knows that to stop your children from being evacuated is tantamount to siding with Hitler. In 'The Year My Mother Went Missing', it's 1979, and not the first time that Ruthie's mother Queenie has gone missing - but usually she leaves a note. The final play, 'A Telegram from the Queen', is set in 2011 and, as Alice's 100th birthday present, Ruthie sets out to put her family back together again. The 'Lost Property' plays star Rosie Cavaliero as the narrator (and later as Ruthie), Shannon Flynn as the younger Ruthie; Alex Tregear, Jane Whittenshaw and Edna Doré as Alice; and Gary Beadle as Ted. 'The Year My Mother Went Missing' was the winner of the Best Audio Drama at the Radio Drama Awards 2012.


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