Josie Long's All Of The Planet's Wonders The Enlightenment (BBC Radio 4 Comedy)
Josie Long

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Narrated By: Josie Long

Duration: 13 minutes

What to expect

The second episode, ‘The Enlightenment’, of the BBC Radio 4 comedy series, ‘All of the Planet’s Wonders’, in which award-winning comedian Josie Long attempts to better herself through learning from reference books, with help from Irish comedian Maeve Higgins. Originally broadcast 25 February 2009 and repeated on 29 December 2010. In the second episode, ‘The Enlightenment’, Josie explores the history of collecting things and discovers the Enlightenment. She tries to defy her arty-student past by becoming more scientific and takes controversial anatomist and Bodyworks impresario, Professor Gunther von Hagens, to task for being a ‘demon with ready access to plasticine.’ Playing Professor Von Hagens in this episode is German stand-up comedian Henning Wehn.


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