Dr Finlay Adventures Of A Black Bag
A.J. Cronin

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Narrated By: David Ashton, David Tennant, John Gordon Sinclair, John McGlynn, Phyllis Logan, Tracy Wiles

Duration: 2 hours and 47 minutes

What to expect

When Dr Cameron gets called in to see a patient, he doesn't expect it to be his new partner Dr Finlay. But the new doctor is full of surprises: caring, stubborn, idealistic and clever, Finlay might have been welcomed to the practice with a black eye but he proves to be more than a match for the local residents. Over the course of six episodes, the early years of Dr Finlay are explored, as he gets to grips with the locals in the Scottish Highland town of Levenford. His patients range from the stingiest and most cunning widow in Scotland to a pantomime actress, and from a hen-pecked husband who disappears to the wife of a football hero. Then there are the Scobie sisters, who have managed to live together for fifteen years without speaking. Finlay tackles them all with compassion and his trademark Scottish humour.


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