Moment You Feel It
Ed Harris

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Narrated By: Caroline Guthrie, Hugh Ross, Janice Acquah, Richard Briers, Rory Kinnear, Tracy Wiles

Duration: 43 minutes

What to expect

A tender and sad BBC Radio 4 comedy drama about losing your past, starring Richard Briers. 'The Moment You Feel It' was originally broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 18 May 2009. Alf's memories come in flashes with great blank holes, along with a running commentary from the voices of his past. So how does finding a strange coat in his kitchen remind Alf why he doesn't want a bath today? With Richard Briers as Alf (and Rory Kinnear as the young Alf), Tracy Wiles as Pru, Hugh Ross as Steven, Caroline Guthrie as Marina and Janice Acquah playing the other parts.


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