History Of The Brain, A (Complete)
Geoff Bunn

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Narrated By: Jonathan Forbes, Paul Bhattacharjee

Duration: 2 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

Dr. Geoff Bunn presents a journey through 5000 years of our understanding of the most complex thing in the known universe: the brain, in this major ten-part BBC Radio 4 series.Human beings have long been fascinated by the brain and how it fulfils its many functions. This groundbreaking cultural history explores the development of our ideas about the mind from Neolithic times to the present day.Starting with prehistoric trepanation and Ancient Egyptian practices, he then focusses on the ideas of Hippocrates, Galen and early Christian and Islamic scholars. He introduces pioneering scientists such as Thomas Willis and looks at the impact of electricity and evolutionary theory on our understanding of the brain. In addition, he explores the synapse and the part Freud almost played in the history of the brain, reflects on the invention of the EEG, and discovers the impact of neurology on how we understand ourselves today.The series is written and presented by Dr Geoff Bunn of Manchester Metropolitan University. Actors Paul Bhattacharjee and Jonathan Forbes provide the voices of those who have written about the brain across the ages. Actor Hattie Morahan gives the Anatomy Lesson establishing the part of the brain to be highlighted in each episode. The original, atmospheric score is supplied by composer, Barney Quinton. The producer is Marya Burgess.


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