Perceptual Intelligence
Brian Boxer Wachler

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Narrated By: Brian Boxer Wachler

Duration: 8 hours and 39 minutes

What to expect

With the lucid verve and solid scientific grounding of an Oliver Sacks or Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler guides listeners on a fascinating tour of the bedrock of our existence—the way our senses perceive everything and everyone in the world around us.

Why does one person see Jesus in a shower curtain, get a “bad feeling” about someone they’ve just met, or hear a conversation so differently than the other person? Boxer Wachler describes some of the mysterious medical conditions that cause nonpsychiatric hallucinations and neurological mix-ups, then focuses on how we all receive and interpret the messages of our senses. Practical as well as provocative, Perceptual Intelligence also offers listeners ways to improve their PI, “reality check” their perceptions, and make desired changes in their lives.


Cognition and cognitive psychology, Physiological and neuro-psychology, biopsychology, Cognition and cognitive psychology, Philosophy: epistemology and theory of knowledge

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“Wachler expands our view of human perception by showing us that a new science is emerging—one that holistically integrates the many factors that influence our beliefs, and decision making.”

Montel Williams, actor, radio talk-show host, and New York Times bestselling author

Perceptual Intelligence couldn’t have been more timely for the chaotic world of today….This book provides brilliant insights and clarity to help you see yourself better and identify when your perceptions might be spot on target—or are leading you far astray.”

Dr. Phil McGraw, television personality, author, psychologist, and television show host

“Perception is everything. If I hadn’t seen things from my unique dyslexic point of view years ago, I wouldn’t have been involved in sports or become an athlete. Perceptual Intelligence shows how reality can be altered in a person’s mind when it comes to so many different things: our senses, sports, art, religion, sexuality, intuition, success, illness, death, and on and on.”

Caitlyn Jenner, American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete

“The more we understand our brain and thinking while we are competing, the better we will perform…Reading Perceptual Intelligence will help athletes and non-athletes alike perform better in their sport and in life.“

Pam Shriver, Olympic gold-medalist in tennis

“I’ve used visualization techniques to get a mental edge throughout my career, but Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler’s Perceptual Intelligence book takes mind-body to a whole new level…[and] has the power to help people find the champion and truth-teller within themselves.”

Apolo Ohno, eight-time Olympic medalist in speed skating

“I’m a big believer in perceptual intelligence—without it you won’t be successful.”

Tommy Pham, professional baseball outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals

Perceptual Intelligence is a great first step in helping us understand how and why we perceive things the way we do with the ultimate goal of making better decisions in our own lives.”

Dr. Travis Stork, physician and host of The Doctors talk show

“This book will delight all who seek a greater understanding of how we view the world and the perceptions that influence every aspect of our lives.”

Andrew Ordon, MD, author of Better in 7

“Challenges us to consider the space between what we understand intellectually and what we feel experientially.”