David Attenborough Life On Air: Memoirs Of A Broadcaster
David Attenborough

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Narrated By: David Attenborough, David Attenborough

Duration: 19 hours and 23 minutes

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David Attenborough is one of the most influential, admired and best-liked figures in television. When, aged 26, he applied for a job in the BBC - which then meant radio - he was promptly turned down. But someone saw his rejected application letter and asked, would he like to try television? He would, and almost 60 years later he is still at it. Elegantly told and often very funny, his story includes how he introduced colour television to Britain, and the background to his epic series, such as Life on Earth and Life in Cold Blood.


Films, cinema, Television, Radio, Autobiography: arts & entertainment, Wildlife: general interest, True stories of discovery

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David Attenborough wears his achievements lightly and there as many laughs here as there are animals

Michael Palin

What shines through most of all is his enthusiasm