Armstrong And Miller Children's Hour
Alexander Armstrong And Ben Miller

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Narrated By: Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller, Guests Guests

Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes

What to expect

Pompous critics and culture journalists Martin Bain-Jones (Armstrong) and Craig Children (Miller), present a frightfully clever culture show, a wry look at the fringes of popular music. They’re hip, they’re happening – so they say – and in these four episodes they discuss Boy Bands (Peter Andre would be in a band if he had any mates), Middle of the Road (those bland or unchallenging songs), as well as Brit Pop and Solo Artists. Follow them as they compete to get the best scoop. Who knows, they may even win a Best of the Rest Award. A 'Brest' in other words... Children’s Hour is written by Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller and features guest stars David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Luke Goss. The show that treats you – the kids – just like adults. Remember though, if you spoil it, you spoil it for everyone...


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