When The Dog Dies Series 1 Complete
Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent

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Narrated By: Liza Tarbuck

Duration: 2 hours and 47 minutes

What to expect

Ronnie Corbett plays granddad Sandy Hopper in this sitcom which reunites him with the writers of his hit comedy Sorry – Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. Sandy Hopper is growing old happily along with his dog Henry. His grown up children – both married to people Sandy doesn't approve of at all – would like him to move out of the family home so they can get their hands on their money earlier. But Sandy's not having this – he's not moving until the dog dies. And anyway, how can he move if he's got a lodger? His daughter is convinced that his too-attractive lodger Dolores (Liza Tarbuck) is after Sandy and his money. Luckily, Sandy has three grandchildren and sometimes a friendly word – a kindly hand on the shoulder – can really help a Granddad in the twenty-first century. Man and dog together face a complicated world. There's every chance they'll make it more so.


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