Getting Rid of Matthew
Jane Fallon

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Narrated By: Zoe Telford

Duration: 12 hours and 2 minutes

What to expect

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Getting Rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon, read by Zoe Telford.

What to do if Matthew, your secret lover of the past four years, finally decides to leave his wife Sophie and their two daughters and move into your flat, just when you're thinking that you might not want him anymore . . .

PLAN A: Stop shaving your armpits. And your bikini line. Tell him you have a moustache that you wax every six weeks. Stop having sex with him. Pick holes in the way he dresses. Don't brush your teeth. Or your hair. Or pluck out the stray hag-whisker that grows out of your chin. Buy incontinence pads and leave them lying around.

PLAN B: Accidentally on purpose bump into his wife Sophie. Give yourself a fake name and identity. Befriend Sophie. Actually begin to really like Sophie. Snog Matthew's son (who's the same age as you by the way. You're not a paedophile). Buy a cat and give it a fake name and identity. Befriend Matthew's children. Unsuccessfully. Watch your whole plan go absolutely horribly wrong.

Getting Rid of Matthew is the sharp and hilariously funny novel from Jane Fallon.


Modern & contemporary fiction, Romance, Contemporary lifestyle fiction, Contemporary romance

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Praise for Jane Fallon


Intelligent, edgy and witty


Chick lit with an edge


I love Fallon, she's in a category all of her own - her books are great fun and her characters are fabulous, believable women who take no nonsense

Daily Mail

A brilliant and original tale