Brave New Girl
Chloe Brotheridge

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Narrated By: Chloe Brotheridge

Duration: 7 hours and 15 minutes

What to expect

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Brave New Girl, written and read by Chloe Brotheridge.

Be the most confident version of yourself

How would you act if you didn't care what people thought?

Who would you be, if you knew for sure that you were worthy, loved and accepted?

What would you do if you knew failure was just a stepping stone, not a final resting place?

How much more time and energy would you have if you could confidently say 'no' and ask for what you want?

Brave New Girl is a straightforward guide to building more self-belief and reducing the need to people-please.

It is commonly thought that confidence is something we either have or don't have, but hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge shows how it can be built.

As a clinical hypnotherapist who has helped hundreds of clients with anxiety, Chloe uses her own stories, scientific research, and the experiences of other women to show you how you can build your self-belief - and spend less time worrying or people-pleasing. She will help you feel more confident, show you how you can reach your full potential, and teach you how to assertively set boundaries for a happier, healthier you.


Assertiveness, motivation, self-esteem & positive mental attitude, Mind, body, spirit: thought & practice, Women's health, Psychology: emotions, Advice on careers & achieving success, Coping with mental health issues, Coping with anxiety & phobias, Coping with stress, Psychology: the self, ego, identity, personality

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With her insight and array of tips and advice, Chloe is BALANCE podcast gold

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Praise for The Anxiety Solution


The only way to improve our confidence - in any area of life - is by pushing through our comfort zone . . . This straightforward guide will show you how

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Remarkable, pioneering, could change your life

Daily Mail

Brotheridge has a clear and simple method to help readers break free from the cycle of panic and dread, by arming them with various tools and techniques


A straightforward guide . . . she uses her own stories, scientific research and the experiences of other women to show her readers how to feel more confident