Scales Of Gold
Dorothy Dunnett

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Narrated By: John Banks

Duration: 1 day and 22 minutes

What to expect

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Scales of Gold by Dorothy Dunnett, read by John Banks.

The year 1464 finds our hero Nicholas in Venice. Plagued by enemies bent on dissolving his assets and smearing his character, he sets sail for Africa, legendary location of the Fountain of Youth and the source of gold in such abundance that men prefer to barter in shells. He will discover the charms of the beautiful Gelis - a woman whose passion for Nicholas is rivalled only by her desire to punish him for his role in her sister's death. Erotic and lush with detail, SCALES OF GOLD embraces the complexity of the Renaissance, where mercantile adventure couples with more personal quests behind the silkeb curtains of the Age of Discovery.


Historical fiction, Historical adventure fiction, Historical romance

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Marvellous, breathtaking

The Times

'A glorious panorama of medieval times . . . The historical research is impeccable'

Sunday Express

One of the greatest tale-spinners since Dumas

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Vivid, engaging, densely plotted - are almost certainly destined to be counted among the classics of popular fiction

New York Times

Praise for Dorothy Dunnett


Lashings of excitement, colour and subtlety

The Times

A storyteller who could teach Scheherazade a thing or two about pace, suspense and imaginative invention

New York Times

A masterpiece of historical fiction