Believe Me
Eddie Izzard

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Narrated By: Eddie Izzard

Duration: 14 hours and 38 minutes

What to expect

Get to know a national icon in Eddie Izzard's hilarious and dazzling autobiography

'Comic genius . . . Entertainment incarnate' Telegraph

Star of stage and screen. Tireless supporter of charity. Marathon runner. Political campaigner.
Fashion icon. Human.

There is no one quite like Eddie Izzard. This is the story of how she broke through.

Her relentless optimism has led her to always do things her own way, even if it didn't work the first time, and her incredible self-belief has pushed her to keep on trying, even if it didn't work the second or third time either.

Whether she was putting on teddy bear shows on boarding school beds or swordfighting on the streets of London, Eddie never stopped trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a performer.

Brimming with her distinctively surreal humour and disarming candour, Believe Me tells the story of a person who never took no for an answer.

'This book is a raw, honest exploration of what it means to live your truth, to be unapologetically ambitious. It's about being brave. And hilarious' Chelsea Handler

'Laughter trumps sorrow in candid comedian Eddie Izzard's Believe Me' Vanity Fair

'A comedy gem' Guardian


Autobiography: arts & entertainment, Humour, Individual actors & performers, Self-help, personal development & practical advice, Theatre: technical & background skills

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Izzard is fleet of foot - even in Cuban heels


The funniest man in, well, pretty much all of the known universe

Los Angeles Times

True Izzardians are every bit as committed in their fandom as Star Trek or Dr Who fans


Sheer Comic Genius. His humour reflects the scattershot lunacy of Monty Python, but with a sophisticated silliness that is entirely his own. He is the most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation

New York Times

King of the Universe . . . Comic genius . . . Entertainment incarnate


A comedy gem


The funniest man in England

John Cleese

Izzard is Wikipedia in heels. He's made his career out of hilarious, dizzying, surreal routines held up by their own daft logic . . . A force of nature

Radio Times

Had the Pythons stuck it out, they'd certainly be doing Izzard-like gags

Chicago Tribune

Izzard has a knack for reducing centuries' worth of history to just a few exquisite words (the Romans were just 'fascist plumbers', for example)

Time Out

A consistent intelligence underpins Izzard's whimsy