Unnatural Death
Dorothy L. Sayers

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Narrated By: , Ian Carmichael

Duration: 3 hours and 18 minutes

What to expect

This was the second Lord Peter Wimsey story to be adapted for radio in the mid-seventies. Broadcast May 5th to June 16th 1975, it was adapted by Chris Miller and produced by Simon Brett. The case of Agatha Dawson is closed, but Lord Peter Wimsey is not satisfied. With no clues to work on, he begins his own investigation. Then Agatha's maid is suddenly murdered. The episode titles are: 1) ‘No Sign of Foul Play’ 2) ‘Death in Epping Forest’ 3) ‘The Will’ 4) ‘Hallelujah’ 5) ‘The Property Act’ 6) ‘Vera Findlater’ and 7) ‘Miss Climpson Investigates’. This will be the ninth, and probably the last, Radio Collection release of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories starring Ian Carmichael.


Crime & mystery fiction

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