Moby Dick (Classic Drama)
Herman Melville

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Narrated By: F. Murray Abraham

Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes

What to expect

‘Moby Dick’ was first published in Britain as 'The Whale' in 1851. It is an extraordinary book, made up of 135 chapters, all written in a variety of styles - from sailors’ slang to biblical prophecy and Shakespearian rant. Ishmael, the narrator, tells of the adventures of Captain Ahab in his relentless quest to seek revenge on the white whale that bit off his leg. Full of allegory and symbolism, ‘Moby Dick’ is an epic tragedy of tremendous dramatic power and narrative drive. This large-scale adaptation, recorded in America, skilfully reproduces the unique mixture of adventure, myth, history and philosophy in Melville's epic tale.


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