Dr Finlay Further Adventures Of A Black Bag
A.J. Cronin

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Narrated By: , John Gordon Sinclair

Duration: 2 hours and 47 minutes

What to expect

John Gordon Sinclair stars as Scotland's most celebrated doctor in six more BBC Radio dramatisations. Dr Finlay is back with his black bag, ready to remedy all manner of ailments suffered by his patients in the Scottish Highland town of Levenford. In 'The Catch', Finlay moons over Nurse Angus while Dr Cameron gets two arch enemies to look after each other. Scarlet fever hits Levenford in 'The Fever' and Finlay decides to do a little investigative work - with disastrous results. In 'Miracle by Lestrange', Finlay and Cameron find themselves out of favour as alternative medicine takes over the town, and in 'Birth and Death' a baby manages to teach the two doctors a lesson in humility. A fish bone promises Finlay a fast fortune in 'The Golden Fishbone', and finally, in 'The Match', Finlay plays a dangerous game when flirting with man-eater Georgina McNab. But will his plan to make Nurse Angus jealous pay off?



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