Someone's Gonna Get It

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Narrated By: Adenrele Ojo

Duration: 5 hours and 40 minutes

What to expect

Meet Kara, a young detective on a dubious mission to locate the person that assassinated her father when she was a child. No child should witness a parent violently murdered before their eyes. This horrific tragedy she suffered has caused Kara to become permanently scarred and emotionally distant as an adult. The psychological issues she now has run deep. Fresh off the heels of her second broken engagement Kara knows that if she doesn’t unravel and solve the events that lead to her father’s death and locate his murderer that she will never be able to live a happy, functional life. She feels a sense of urgency upon her. A feeling of being hunted has entered her life, as if someone is watching every move and she has the eerie feeling that her time is running out.

Someone’s Gonna Get It is a suspenseful, nail biting, story of hatred, revenge, and murder. Always remember to kiss your loved ones good-bye …


Fiction: general and literary, Thriller / suspense fiction, Crime and mystery: women sleuths

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