Echo Ridge Romance Collection
Rachelle J. Christensen

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Narrated By: Tanya Eby, Christine Williams

Duration: 14 hours and 11 minutes

What to expect

Come back to Echo Ridge and delight in four contemporary romances! Each heartwarming, inspirational story is set in beautiful upstate New York.

Hope for Christmas

Anika Fletcher hates Christmas, but she wants to maintain her daughter’s faith in the magic of the season and gladly accepts a second job working with the handsome Carlos Rodriguez to restore Kenworth’s old fashioned soda fountain. Carlos is no stranger to hard times and slowly shares his life of light and joy with Anika as they work together. But just as her fragile soul begins to feel hope again, an ill-timed act of charity changes everything.

The Kiss Thief

As the head librarian of the Echo Ridge Library, Britta Klein thrives on order and categorization. Unfortunately, the old church-turned-library is in desperate need of a renovation. The Harvest Hurrah fundraiser seems to be the answer, but plans keep going awry. With help from musician Milo Geissler, each catastrophe is narrowly avoided. When Milo goes to great lengths to help Britta find a key classic book, she begins to wonder if there is more to life than books and order.

The Princess Bride of Riodan

When a mysterious man offers to help Elise redecorate the old Bed & Breakfast, she gladly hands him a wallpaper steamer. After she discovers his true identity, she doesn’t know whether to curtsy or run and hide. Unfortunately, hiding isn’t an option because her heart is already tangled up with the handsome prince.

Coming Home to Love

When Laney Richins left Echo Ridge, New York, eight years ago, she vowed she’d never return, but life had other plans. Those plans included her cute little boy and a divorce, so Laney moved back home and started over. Working in the flower shop seems like the perfect plan until Billy Redford, the man she should have married, shows up. Billy knows how to build just about anything, but he isn’t sure he knows how to mend a broken heart.


Religious and spiritual fiction, Romance, Religious and spiritual fiction, Anthologies: general

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“Rachelle Christensen creates a town we’d all like to live in and people we’d all like to be friends with.”

Janette Rallison, USA Today bestselling author, on Coming Home to Love

“I disappeared into this book and the sweet town of Echo Ridge for the evening. Can’t wait to go back!”

Lucy McConnell, author of the Dating Mr. Baseball series, on The Princess Bride of Riodan

“This sweet romance is the perfect holiday read and will make you believe in the power of love and happily ever after.”