Film Doesn't Lie
Jimmy Dykes

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Narrated By: George Newbern

Duration: 5 hours and 39 minutes

What to expect

Elite level coaches, business owners, CEOs, and difference-makers from all walks of life share a common trait: they are masters at the process of evaluating. Film sessions are the life blood of any successful sports team, whether following a soaring win or a crushing loss. Nothing goes unchecked, and nothing gets taken for granted. They understand and respect a simple fact: the film doesn’t lie.

If you watched your personal “game film,” would it show someone who is accountable to himself and his family, who turns belief into action? Or would you see someone complacent, out of balance or distracted from God’s word? Film reveals the truth, and embracing truth is what leads to change, growth, and improvement.

ESPN broadcaster and coach Jimmy Dykes guides readers through a tough but crucial evaluation process, incorporating wisdom from both sports and scripture as he demonstrates how to search your heart like a coach scrutinizes game film. Whether you’re experiencing a difficult period in life or simply feel called to something greater, The Film Doesn’t Lie is certain to provoke men to live with passion, conviction, and bold determination


Sport: general, Sports training and coaching, Christian life and practice, Religious aspects of sexuality, gender and relationships, Christian life and practice, Personal religious testimony and popular inspirational works

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“Our mission should always be working hard to get better. The book The Film Doesn’t Lie, by Jimmy Dykes, allows you to take an honest, open look at your life and wholeheartedly pursue God with genuine passion and conviction.”

Cuonzo Martin, head men's basketball coach, University of Missouri

“Every day, men are hit with distractions that keep our eyes off of what’s most important—our relationship with Christ. I’ve known Jimmy Dykes for over twenty years as a coach, analyst, and friend. In The Film Doesn’t Lie, Jimmy adds needed focus in our pursuit of a real God.”

Gus Malzahn, head football coach, Auburn University

“In his book, Jimmy masterfully communicates the importance of evaluating where you are in crucial areas of your life. You’ll learn what your film reveals about your heart when it comes to areas like forgiveness, obedience, the power of your spoken words, hearing God’s voice, and adhering to His plans. The Film Doesn’t Lie is a must read.”