Father Christmas
Rowdy Herrington

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Narrated By: Rowdy Herrington

Duration: 2 hours and 23 minutes

What to expect

In the coal mining town of Brilliant, Ohio, during the Great Depression, ten-year-old Annie O’Neill is finally allowed to stay up on Christmas Eve, bursting with excitement and wonder at finally catching a glimpse of Father Christmas himself!

When Annie’s father returns home from a long shift at the coal mine on Christmas Eve, Annie makes a life-changing discovery about who Santa Claus really is. As her heart wrestles with reality and make-believe, Annie’s profound discovery about the real Father Christmas will touch the hearts of people everywhere. As she gracefully releases her innocence, Annie learns that the true meaning of Christmas is what lies in your heart.


Narrative theme: Coming of age, Fiction: general and literary

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“A beautifully written tribute to fathers and their daughters, mothers and their sons, and the true spirit of Christmas we all should share. It will touch your heart.”

Malcolm McDowell

“With razor-sharp details and characters, Rowdy Herrington brilliantly evokes a specific time and place while simultaneously conveying the true meaning of Christmas and family.”