Unleash the Power of Diversity
Debjani Mukherjee Biswas

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Narrated By: Debjani Mukherjee Biswas

Duration: 3 hours and 56 minutes

What to expect

Cultural diversity savvy is critical for business results in an increasingly global workforce. In Unleash the Power of Diversity, Biswas has developed groundbreaking new frameworks and a practical guide to increasing effectiveness through multi-cultural competence.

You’ll learn the Five Judgments that analyze the very real cost of stereotyping in the workplace based upon:

Reputational CurrencyPhysical ImpactAuditory CuesDistinguishing MarkersWork Product

Biswas provides a practical global toolkit of Do’s and Don’ts with real-life scenarios from multiple continents, enabling you to start the journey toward the power of diversity well-prepared and ready to make a difference in the workplace.


Business and Management

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“Diversity—it’s been a buzzword in corporate and political circles for about a decade. But most books on leadership and management simply don’t address its importance to an organization’s ability to survive and thrive. Enter Mukherjee-Biswas’ Unleash the Power of Diversity. After reading her thought provoking book, few executives will be able to ignore the relevance of diversity to their company’s growth and success.”