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Narrated By: Ali

Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes

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In the flowing tides of galloping quest,we have set eyes on each otherthen lost our sight,over and over, until we learnedto forget the chase.

Desiderata is a fairy tale, and epic poem, cosmic in its scope. It is the tale of two lovers who are cast out of their ideal realm by a jealous sorcerer. Born into our world, the man searches timelessly for his love in the many forms of the goddess—from mother to heartthrob to seductress and finally, in mature wisdom, immortal beloved. As the two lovers conclude their journey through the limitation of earth, their revelations free them from this plane, to reclaim their eternal kingdom.

You and I, ever one,through the world without end.


Traditional stories, myths and fairy tales, Romance, Classic and pre-20th century poetry

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“A beautiful exploration into the nature of reality.”