More for Mom
Kristin Funston

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Narrated By: Kristin Funston

Duration: 5 hours and 14 minutes

What to expect

More for Mom will encourage women to stop believing the lie that more is needed from them, and start living with the truth that more is available for them.

With real-life talk, humor, and convicting biblical truths, Kristin Funston helps hardworking mamas to look at each day and each facet of their life to discover what happens when they believe God has more for them than what they think the world needs from them.

And what He has available is a whole and holy life, just waiting to be claimed—a salvation and day-to-day reality complete just as it is. The pieces of each mom’s life—the work life, mom life, social life, etc.—are mended together through Christ to complete her one whole life, set apart because of Him. This book is a stepping stone to help working mothers reset their spiritual and emotional health, habits, and relationship with God. There are performance pressures at work, home, and mindsets that affect a mom’s ability to feel complete and live more closely aligned with God. This book includes the beginning steps for moms to walk in wholeness and holiness by asking God for more.


Christian life and practice, Relationships and families: advice and issues

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“I’d recommend this to any woman trying to free herself from the distractions of this world in order to live a more peaceful, focused, and God-centered life as the woman Jesus created her to be.”

Angie Smith, author of What Women Fear

“If you are a mom who feels tired, worn out, or a bit flustered with all you’ve got to get done, Kristin has a word for you!”

Micah Maddox, author of Anchored In

“With a girlfriend-in-the-trenches voice, [Funston] shows us how to grow our souls while our kids are still growing.”

Amy Carroll, author of Breaking Up with Perfect

“With sincerity and grace, Kristin illuminates a new way to see the good, beautiful, and holy life offered to all moms. Practical and helpful!”

Nicole Unice, author of The Struggle is Real.

“Kristin Funston is the best friend all hardworking mommas need in their corner.”