Submitting to the Sheriff
BJ Wane

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Narrated By: Natalie Bradshaw

Duration: 6 hours and 31 minutes

What to expect

After overhearing two crooked Chicago cops plotting against her, Avery Pierce goes on the run, not knowing who she can trust. When her low finances force her to take a job as a sex phone operator, she struggles, so when a caller senses her desperation and inexperience and offers assistance, she’s tempted to agree.

As soon as Sheriff Grayson Monroe meets the new waitress at his favorite diner, something about her strikes a familiar chord. When he sees her enter the Barn, his lifestyle club, the desire to get to the bottom of her evasive eyes and answers to his probing questions takes hold. He’s determined to find out who she really is and what is troubling her.

After an icy mishap, Master Grayson has finally run out of patience. One way or another, Avery will tell him the truth. But is it too late? Has danger already found her? Can Grayson come to her rescue or will she lose everything she has just gained?


Romance: ‘western’, rural or ‘outback’, Crime and mystery fiction

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“As always, reading one of BJ Wane’s books is sheer pleasure…The naughty scenes were HOT!”