Stop Fear from Stopping You
Helen Odessky

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Narrated By: Kate Mulligan

Duration: 2 hours and 8 minutes

What to expect

Though a series of steps, Dr. Odessky will propose a framework to overcome fear-driven thinking and help you break into your fear-wise life!

Stop Fear from Stopping You is about the fear that is so prevalent that it often lies dormant in the way of our dreams, career paths, and relationships. This fear creates stories that cushion us from potential pain and failure—at the cost of our self-esteem, success, growth, and personal happiness.

Because fear is complex, we cannot afford to merely be fearless. Just “letting go” is not the answer. The real solution lies in learning to become fear-wise. In this inspirational book, Dr. Odessky will show you how to harness the wisdom behind your fears and break through the barriers that block your success.

Stop Fear from Stopping You is the perfect gift for women and men struggling with fear. It is designed to help you

identify the fears that stand between you and your goals,develop tools to overcome your fears,develop a value-based plan to pursue your goals, andchange your relationship with fear and learn to become fear-wise.


Coping with stress

Listen to a sample

“There are many strategies to help manage and minimize anxiety…excellent ideas from the new book…written by Helen Odessky, PsyD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety and also struggled with it herself.”


“I recommend this book to anyone looking for actionable steps that they can take to teach anxiety to back off and quiet down.”

Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA, author of The Panic Workbook for Teens, on Stop Anxiety from Stopping You

“In such uncertain times, I’m grateful that Dr. Odessky has come out with this new book to help you tame your fears and live a fuller, calmer life where you are able to handle whatever comes your way. Join the thousands of others her words have helped and decide to take control. Start today. Start now.”