Real-Life Discipleship
Tom Cheshire, Tom Gensler

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Narrated By: Larry Williams

Duration: 2 hours and 52 minutes

What to expect

The one BIG question: How do you disciple another man?

Men in thousands of churches across the world know there is more to faith than just attending church — they know there is the potential to walk in Christ’s image, live in Christ’s image, and work to spread Christ’s word. But the one big question they are all asking is how? The Spirit of God is compelling them to seek the answer. This book is the gateway to answering that question.

The authors spent years struggling to build a life of meaning before realizing their depravity and asking the questions: “What does it mean to be a godly man, and how can I become one?” The Spirit answered by sending men into their lives to disciple them, not with disdain or judgment, but with love and compassion, a gospel-centered focus. These men walked alongside them in the messiness of life, helping them to apply Biblical truths and spiritual disciplines in a challenging world. From their own personal journeys, out of the abyss, the authors have written this book.

Here you will learn to:BUILD a one-on-one relationship CREATE a culture of men who support each other LOOK TO CHRIST and find what obstacles are blocking you TRANSFORM your life seeing the Gospel advance through the discipling of other men.Real-Life Discipleship: The Ordinary Man’s Guide to Disciple-Making offers a gateway from confusion to clarity, from struggle to transformation.


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“Tom Cheshire and Tom Gensler have learned firsthand how life-changing it can be to have the wisdom and guidance of a mature, godly man. Sadly enough, effective discipleship has gone by the wayside in many segments of the Church – but this vital, biblically mandated practice has the potential to change lives and transform families. I hope this compelling volume leads many men to consider how they are called to “do life” with other Christian men.

~Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Most of us would agree that a disciple is ‘one who follows Jesus’. Where we might disagree is how to make a disciple - how to make ‘one who follows Jesus’. Tom Cheshire and Tom Gensler embrace the ministry philosophy of the Apostle Paul who did more than teach and encourage first century believers to follow Jesus, he instructed them to ‘Follow me, as I follow Christ’. This model of I Corinthians 11:1 is the basis for Real Life Discipleship. Grab this book and see what men following men who follow Jesus looks like in the twenty first century.

~Brian Doyle, Founder and President Iron Sharpens Iron"Finally, a book that does more than define discipleship. Cheshire and Gensler provide sound biblical teaching and engaging real-life stories that illustrate the truth they're presenting. If you're eager to grow as a disciple of Jesus and help other men grow along with you . . . this book is a must-read.

Tom Gensler and Tom Chesire are spiritual studs! These men walk the walk and talk the talk. Their new book puts down on paper what they have been modeling and teaching for years. It is a practical, Biblical and accessible primer for discipling men. Every local Church and every Pastor needs this tool in his own hands and in the hands of their men. God is raising up a generation of men who are servant-leaders for Christ and this new book by Tom Gensler and Tom Chesire is helping it happen!

~JP Jones, Senior Pastor Crossline Church, author of Facing GoliathRadio Bible Teacher, "Truth that Changes Lives

Relational, intentional, strategic discipling, as illustrated in Tom and Tom's writing, is what Jesus' world-reaching church of the future must and will look like. Get on board asap!

~Hal Perkins, conference speaker and author of Discipled by Jesus and If Jesus Were a Parent"Tom Cheshire and Tom Gensler have done much more than just write an academic book on mens' discipleship. They have actually put down on paper a biblical, grace-filled, practical, sometimes messy guide for disciple making. Drawing from their own personal journeys as well as from their years of work in real life ministry with men, they have developed a tool that can help ordinary men step up and respond to Jesus' call to "go and make disciples.

Jesus instructed us to go and make disciples, but in today's fast-paced world, it easy to put your head down, go through the motions and never have deep conversation or connection with another man. Tom and Tom have created a resource that can help men become the iron that strategically sharpens others. It is simple, short and practical.

~Don Davis, Retired NFL player and Super Bowl Champion. Director of Football, Pro Athletes Outreach

“Tom Cheshire and Tom Gensler have provided us from their own lives how real life, practical discipleship works.”

Dr. Robert Lewis, Author and Founder of Men's Fraternity

In over thirty years of ministry to men I have concluded that It takes a relational environment in order for truth to become transformational. Tom Cheshire and Tom Gensler have unpacked this idea brilliantly in Real-Life Discipleship. From the opening display of vulnerability and humility, to exposing the issues that hinder and bring men to passivity and the ultimate revealing of a practical plan, they help the reader discover Jesus simple model for real discipleship. A must read for every Pastor, leader and man who truly wants to grow and help other men do the same.

~Vince D'Acchioli, Founder of On Target Ministries

Let’s cut to the chase. Show me HOW to do this crucial disciple-making work in the lives of men I know. Tom and Tom do this. They do it well in this book. Come on, men. This is HOW we can do this and do it well. Let’s get it done.

~Bruce W. Fong, ThM, PhD, Dean and Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary Houston

Deep and lasting change does not occur outside of transformational relationships; relationships that become the ‘life on life’ context where the grace of the Gospel can confront our guilt and shame. Tom and Tom are not mere theorists. They live this. I am grateful for this highly practical tool that helps men take steps toward these kinds of intentional relationships.