Right Next Door
Leah Montgomery

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Narrated By: Jennifer Jill Araya, Kate Mulligan

Duration: 11 hours and 44 minutes

What to expect

John and Marcy Stanley moved to the Coves for the quiet life. When the two meet the couple next door, they think they’ve struck neighbor gold. Jill and Marcy become fast friends, but it isn’t until Marcy receives an ominous letter that she begins to suspect Jill’s husband, Mark, of hiding something.

Something dark. Something violent.

Shannon Vogle was the victim of an elaborate kidnapping. After being set free, she becomes obsessed with finding the man who took her.

Who tortured her. Who changed her.

Both women want answers. Both are determined to get them. Neither is prepared for what she will find.


Psychological thriller, Thriller / suspense fiction

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