Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 1
Black Eye Entertainment

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Narrated By: a full cast

Duration: 7 hours and 41 minutes

What to expect

This collection contains fifteen of the greatest drama shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio—including episodes of Hallmark Playhouse and many others. Relive the best radio drama shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.

Gang Busters, 11/1/40 - “The Case of the Ape Bandit”The Cavalcade of America, 5/8/44 - “Autobiography of an Angel”The Screen Guild Theater, 1/7/46 - “The Lost Weekend”Arch Oboler’s Plays, 6/7/45 - “Night”Strange Wills, 3/21/47 - “The Girl in the Cell”Studio One, 6/29/48 - “Arabesque” (1 hour)Big Town, 10/28/48 - “Angel of the Street”The Hallmark Playhouse, 12/30/48 - “Lost Horizon”Cloak and Dagger, 6/10/50 - “People in the Forest”The Story of Dr. Kildare, 8/10/50 - “Buffalo Barney McClure Internal Bridgework”Hollywood Star Playhouse, 8/9/51 - “Such a Wonderful Disposition”Night Beat, 8/7/52 - “Somebody Stop Annie”The Chase, 10/26/52 - “Iron Curtain Express”Dangerous Assignment, 4/1/53 - “Caribbean Training Men for a Revolt”I Was a Communist for the FBI, 6/14/53 - “Use Only as Directed”


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