Greatest Science Fiction Shows, Vol. 3
Black Eye Entertainment

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Narrated By: a full cast

Duration: 7 hours and 8 minutes

What to expect

This collection contains fifteen of the greatest science-fiction broadcasts from the Golden Age of radio, including episodes of X Minus One, Dimension X, Suspense, The CBS Radio Workshop, Escape, The Lux Radio Theatre, and others. Radio’s finest actors perform before the microphones in adaptations from the past masters of science fiction. Relive the best radio sci-fi shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.

The Lux Radio Theatre, 2/8/55 - “The War of the Worlds” (1 hour)The Mysterious Traveler, 4/9/44 - “Beware of Tomorrow”Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, 5/20/52 - “The Greatest Show in the Universe Pt. 1”Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, 5/22/52 - “The Greatest Show in the Universe Pt. 2”The CBS Radio Workshop, 9/15/57 - “Time Found Again”The CBS Radio Workshop, 11/11/56 - “Report on the We’ans”Escape, 2/22/48 - “How Love Came to Professor Guilda”Escape, 10/22/50 - “The Time Machine”Lights Out, 12/22/42 - “The Meteor Man”X Minus One, 5/22/55 - “Knock”X Minus One, 5/29/55 - “The Man in the Moon”X Minus One, 8/11/55 - “Almost Human”Dimension X, 11/5/50 - “The Professor Was a Thief”Suspense, 6/8/58 - “The Invisible Ape”


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