Last Room in Manhattan
Kathleen Rockwell Lawrence

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Narrated By: Gabra Zackman

Duration: 8 hours and 35 minutes

What to expect

In one week, Karen Carmody, thirty, manages to lose both her job and sublet. She’s unemployed, broke, and homeless. As with every era, heartless landlords and high rents rule in 1980s Manhattan, landing Karen in the Arcadia, a “Home for Young Ladies”—never mind that most of its occupants are in their second or third youth.

Among its many eccentricities, the Arcadia is run by the Army of Light and thus off limits to males—so why has Karen’s secretive roommate, Martha, crammed a teenage boy into their tiny room? And speaking of males, there’s stockbroker and sexy jury duty pal Mark Pitofsky to consider. Now that she’s hit rock bottom, things can only go up for Karen. Right?


Humorous fiction, Fiction: general and literary

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“Lawrence displays a sure hand in her witty, gritty depiction of down-and-out life in contemporary Manhattan…[with her] lively humor, keen observation, gift for dialogue, and ability to arouse compassion.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fine, funny, and moving story…Karen is immensely likable, and her life altogether real.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This contemporary novel will delight urban singles and suburban dreamers.”