Daring to Be Bad, Thirtieth Anniversary Edition
Alice Echols

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Narrated By: Bernadette Dunne

Duration: 14 hours and 9 minutes

What to expect

An award-winning and canonical history of radical feminism, whose activist heat and intellectual audacity powered second-wave feminism—thirtieth anniversary edition

A fascinating chronicle of radical feminism’s rise and fall from the mid-60s to the mid-70s, Daring to Be Bad is a must-listen for both students of gender history and activists of intersectionality. This thirtieth anniversary edition reveals how current debates about race, transgender rights, queer theory, and sexuality echo issues that galvanized and divided feminists fifty years ago.


Feminism and feminist theory

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“To learn more about the rise and fall of radical feminism, I highly recommend Alice Echols’s Daring to Be Bad, a detailed and vivid account of the movement’s history.”

New Yorker

“Many younger feminists have a fairly negative stereotype of radical feminism: that it was an exclusively white and middle-class movement that promoted gender essentialism, ‘woman’s energy,’ separatism transphobia, and banning pornography … No book shattered that stereotype for me more than Daring to Be Bad.”

Bitch Media

“Thirty years after its publication, Daring to Be Bad feels more essential than ever. Alice Echols captures the heady vision of radical feminism and documents the wrenching challenges the movement confronted, not least within its own ranks. Both rigorous and generous, Daring to Be Bad offers vital lessons to students of the revolutionary past and to aspirants for a feminist future.”