Existential Kink
Carolyn Elliott

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Narrated By: Carolyn Elliott

Duration: 6 hours and 33 minutes

What to expect

A smart, sexy guide to embracing the repressed, tabooed, and often unwanted aspects of ourselves so we can discover our inner power and finally live the life we deserve.

“We always get exactly what we want; but often, though we may not be aware of it, what we most want is dark—very dark.”

Each of us has a dual nature: we are light (conscious) and dark (unconscious). The dark side of our personality—the “other,” the shadow side—is made up of what we think is our primitive, primal, negative impulses—our “existential kink.” Our existential kink also drives the dark or negative repeating patterns in our life: always choosing the abusive partner or boss, settling for less, thinking that we’re undeserving, not worthy. But it also is the source of our greatest power.

In Existential Kink, Carolyn Elliot, PhD, offers a truth-telling guide for bringing our shadow into the light. Inviting us to make conscious the unconscious, Elliot asks us to own the subconscious pleasure we get from the stuck, painful patterns of our existence.

Existential Kink provides practical advice and meditations so we truly see our shadow side’s “guilty pleasures,” love and accept them, and integrate them into our whole being. By doing so, Elliot shows, we bring to life the raw, hot, glorious power we all have to get what we really want in our lives.


Complementary therapies, healing and health, Sex and sexuality: advice and issues

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“Elliott, in this evocative debut, encourages the exploration of taboo desires hidden within the unconscious mind.”

Publishers Weekly

“Carolyn’s words cut through the popular light-washed self-help and spiritual canon, offering deep soul relief and a celebration that warmly invites our shadows to be unleashed from closets shrouded by shame.”

Alexandra Roxo, author of F*ck Like a Goddess: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power

“This book will challenge you to look at your shadow side in a new way. Instead of ignoring it or covering up the old scars with ‘love and light,’ you’ll learn how to find power in the darkness. When you do that, a funny thing happens: you’re free.”