Right Murder
Craig Rice

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Narrated By: Johnny Heller

Duration: 5 hours and 37 minutes

What to expect

A dozen murders and counting—and any one of them could lead a Chicago attorney to a hotheaded female tycoon.

It’s 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and criminal lawyer John J. Malone is nursing his blues in a Chicago dive bar. He’s been two-timed by his inamorata and abandoned by his favorite gumshoe partners, crime reporter Jake Justus and socialite Helene Brand, for their Bermuda honeymoon. But Malone’s not lonely for long. Suddenly, a stranger staggers into the bar, calls out the attorney’s name, and drops dead—stabbed in the back. In his possession is a key that could unlock the cold heart of Mona McClane, a wealthy and beautiful thrill-seeker who once challenged Jake in a high-stakes gamble: She’d bet him she could get away with murder.

Is this dead man a pawn in Mona’s game? If so, thank goodness Jake and Helene’s honeymoon turned as a sour as a margarita. They’re already back in town, at odds, yet ready to play. With a crazy wager like Mona’s, Malone fears they’ll be ringing in the New Year with a countdown of corpses.


Crime and mystery fiction

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“Fun, with amusing incidents covering rather scrappy detection. Chicago setting for a story in which Lawyer Malone, Helen, and Jake Justis are once again involved in a wager with Mona McClane. The trio keeps in alcoholic training throughout…[while] the Justises make up after a honeymoon quarrel, and a tangled skein is unraveled.”