Alternative Apocalypse
Debora Godfrey, Bob Brown, various authors

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Narrated By: various narrators, Paul Boehmer, Gabrielle de Cuir, Justine Eyre, Arthur Morey, John Allen Nelson, Kate Orsini, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Tabori, Stefan Rudnicki

Duration: 7 hours and 23 minutes

What to expect

Thirty stories from thirty authors, including Jane Yolen, Mike Resnick & J. J. Steinfeld.

How will the world end? With aliens or angels? Or a ground hog? Bleak despair? Martial fervor? Or a belly laugh? Whatever the Apocalypse, It will be borne by people and their families and their dogs and most of all, it will challenge their notions of themselves. This anthology includes international award winning writers, poets, and thinkers that give you their version of the Apocalypse. Just remember, we’re all in this together. But there is more: the first short fiction by the wildly popular blogger, Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station; a new story by Mike Resnick; and poetry by Jane Yolen, This is an international piece of work with writers from all over the globe, seven countries: Nigeria, Greece, the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have all put there best foot forward. You will not be disappointed.


Science fiction, Anthologies: general, Science fiction: apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic

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