Savage Valley
Donald L. Robertson

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Narrated By: Alex Boyles

Duration: 7 hours and 15 minutes

What to expect

“You men got a choice. Pull leather and die, or drop your guns. Makes no never mind to me.”

Callum Logan is a man of quick decision and execution. His fast gun has saved him on more than one occasion. Though hardened by the horrors of the Civil War, he gives each man a chance, unless they prove it’s undeserved.

Now, on his way to begin a new life in the Colorado West, Callum is eager to put the killing behind him. But while rescuing a family from despicable outlaws, he is forced to kill the leader of the small band, putting himself in direct conflict with the outlaw’s brother, Elwood Wister, whose gang has become the scourge of Southwest Colorado.

Can Callum’s quick thinking and determination help him survive his greatest challenge yet? Is he ready for another battle? Will Wister succeed in executing his brutal plan to take revenge?

Accompany Callum Logan as he embarks on the journey to build a new life, for himself and his family. Experience the savagery and danger that may lurk around every bend, in the shadows of the majestic Sangre de Cristos.


Adventure fiction: Westerns

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