Without a Trace
Mel Starr

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Narrated By: Steven Crossley

Duration: 8 hours and 21 minutes

What to expect

Lady Philippa, the wife of Sir Aymer, a knight of the realm, disappears while traveling from her husband’s manor to Bampton. She and her maid are traveling in an enclosed wagon, while her husband and his grooms and a squire are mounted.

When the party arrives at Bampton Castle neither the lady nor her maid are within the enclosed wagon—they have simply vanished. As the disappearance may have happened while the travelers were on Lord Gilbert’s lands, his surgeon and bailiff, Hugh de Singleton, is assigned to discover what has happened to the lady. Has she been taken? Has she fled her husband?

A few days later her husband receives a ransom demand, and Hugh is named to deliver the money. Why him? The ransom is paid, but the lady is not returned. Can Hugh help find her, or is it already too late?


Historical crime and mysteries, Historical fiction

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“Steven Crossley embodies the ambiance of the medieval era in his first-person narration of this historical mystery…He transports listeners back eight centuries to the days when the Church reigned supreme over all aspects of life, sometimes justly but at other times with corruption. Crossley’s interpretation, with its matter-of-fact approach to graphic injuries and Hugh’s determination to seek out justice, suits this audiobook’s content effectively.”