Sigmund Freud
Kathleen Krull

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Narrated By: Tavia Gilbert

Duration: 2 hours and 38 minutes

What to expect

This book explores the world of Sigmund Freud, who, making it into the author’s highly popular series due to his creation of a brand-new branch of medicine called psychoanalysis, introduced the world to such controversial theories as Oedipal complexes, the id, and the ego.


Children’s / Teenage general interest: Biography and autobiography, Children’s / Teenage general interest: Science and technology

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“With an inviting, conversational narrative, this series launches with an impressive start.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Leonardo da Vinci

“The second title in Krull’s Giants of Science series meets, and perhaps even exceeds, expectations set by the debut, Leonardo da Vinci. Krull and Newton are a match made in heaven.”

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (starred review) on Isaac Newton

“Krull presents another top-notch scientific biography in the outstanding Giants of Science series.”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Marie Curie

“Krull lives up to the promise of the first two entries in her Giants of Science series with this lucid and thoughtful examination of Freud’s life, work, and legacy.”