When Two Worlds Collide
Caesar Rondina

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Narrated By: Marnye Young

Duration: 8 hours and 25 minutes

What to expect

When Two Worlds Collide is a modern-day love story about Jill and Tony. Tony was from New Jersey, and Jill was from California. The story is set in a Midwestern college town. It took Tony some time to approach Jill. They finally met under the strangest of circumstances in their junior year. From that moment on, their love would have to transcend time, distance, and space. They would have to overcome the obstacles of culture and upbringing. In this love story, you will follow Tony and Jill as they mature as people and face these obstacles together. Could their love survive?

Many of the experiences in this book are ones you may have had yourself. Jill and Tony will captivate your mind as they steal your heart. You will develop a special attachment to their story. Love is more than just saying “I love you.” As Jill and Tony take this journey, look back and ask yourself, “Could I have survived this?” They live in a world that is shattered and torn as they fight with every breath to keep their love alive. Will they transcend time, distance, and space? Find out when you listen to When Two Worlds Collide.



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When Two Worlds Collide is one of the best love stories I have had the pleasure to review. The obstacles the main characters face are true to life. Anyone who has ever been in love will easily relate to this book.”