Man in the Dog Park
Cathy A. Small

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Narrated By: Karen White

Duration: 6 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

The Man in the Dog Park offers the listener a rare window into homeless life. Spurred by a personal relationship with a homeless man who became her coauthor, Cathy A. Small takes a compelling look at what it means and what it takes to be homeless.

Interviews and encounters with dozens of homeless people lead us into a world that most have never seen. We travel as an intimate observer into the places that many homeless frequent, including a community shelter, a day-labor agency, a panhandling corner, a pawn shop, and a HUD housing office. Through these personal stories, we witness the obstacles that homeless people face and the ingenuity it takes to negotiate life without a home.

The Man in the Dog Park points to the ways that our own cultural assumptions and blind spots are complicit in US homelessness and contribute to the degree of suffering that homeless people face. At the same time, Small, Kordosky, and Moore show us how our own sense of connection and compassion can bring us into touch with the actions that will lessen homelessness and bring greater humanity to the experience of those who remain homeless.

The raw emotion of The Man in the Dog Park will forever change your appreciation for, and understanding of, a life so many deal with outside of the limelight of contemporary society.


Social and cultural anthropology, Poverty and precarity, Housing and homelessness

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“The authors offer a human perspective on the experience of homelessness, grounded in an exhaustive series of interviews and relevant literature. The Man in the Dog Park will serve scholars and practitioners of urban studies for years to come.”

Ella Howard, author of Homeless

“The Man in the Dog Park offers an accessible approach to destigmatize homelessness. Small’s reflections are refreshing, humanizing, and intimately understood. She seems to get it.”