KK Undercover Mystery: The Haunted Field Trip
Nicholas Sheridan Stanton

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Narrated By: Cassandra Morris

Duration: 1 hour and 39 minutes

What to expect

San Diego, Calififornia. KK (KaSandra Dang) and her crew are at it again. The handi-capable Deer Canyon Elementary School sleuth has stumbled across a strange mystery during a class field trip to a local ranch. Together with members of her team SAM (Secret Agents for Moms) they put their heads together to figure out what’s what.

It all begins on the bus ride to the ranch when KK and her close-knit crew of classmates share a weird coincidence having had similar dreams the night before the event. In each dream they see the same ghostly figure that they cannot explain. Puzzling and weird but not exactly frightening the kids go about enjoying the day until faces from their dreams reveal themselves in the real life owners and cowboys of the Carmel Valley Ranch.

Something is definitely up at the ranch and KK and her team begin to piece together the puzzle with some supernatural help from spirits of the Ranch’s past occupants. You won’t be able to stop listening as the clues reveal themselves in each exciting chapter.


Children’s / Teenage fiction: Crime and mystery fiction

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