Spiritual Portals
Nora D'Ecclesis

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Narrated By: Ann Richardson

Duration: 2 hours and 49 minutes

What to expect

Spirituality is a uniquely individual experience resulting from an introspective assessment of the moral, ethical, and compassionate components of our lives. It includes the nonmaterialistic aspects of life. Exploring one’s spirituality is a transformative process of the core need for solitude and includes ethical and moral choices. A human’s true self experiences personal growth during the contemplative process usually resulting in a more compassionate existence for themselves and others who they interact with during their lifetime. This audiobook provides an in-depth view to techniques, methodology, and, most importantly, the history of modalities selected to bring the reader toward a more spiritual existence without or in combination with faith-based religions. The spiritual component to our daily lives is always a transformative path intended to create change as a result of spiritual practice.


Shintoism, Spirituality and religious experience, Mind, body, spirit: thought and practice

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