Pleased to Meet Me
Bill Sullivan

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Narrated By: Alex Boyles

Duration: 11 hours and 3 minutes

What to expect

Why are you attracted to a certain “type?” Why are you a morning person? Why do you vote the way you do? From a witty new voice in popular science comes a clever, life-changing look at what makes you you.

“I can’t believe I just said that.” “What possessed me to do that?” “What’s wrong with me?”

We’re constantly seeking answers to these fundamental human questions, and now, science has the answers. The foods we enjoy, the people we love, the emotions we feel, and the beliefs we hold can all be traced back to our DNA, germs, and environment. This witty, colloquial book is popular science at its best, describing in everyday language how genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, and psychology work together to influence our personality and actions.

Mixing cutting-edge research and relatable humor, Pleased to Meet Me is filled with fascinating insights that shine a light on who we really are—and how we might become our best selves.


Genetics (non-medical), Microbiology (non-medical), Neurosciences

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“The scientific discussion is enlivened by Sullivan’s quirky sense of humor and frequent nods to pop culture…Intriguingly informative.”


“In equal parts approachable and mind-blowing, Sullivan gives us a whistle-stop tour of the myriad factors that make you who you are.”

David Eagleman, host of PBS's The Brain with David Eagleman

“From microbes that make you intoxicated to the genetic demons hiding within your DNA, Pleased to Meet Me is a whirlwind journey through human biology. Deftly weaving cutting-edge science with popular culture, this accessible book will leave you wanting more.”

Sharon Moalem, MD, PhD, author of Survival of the Sickest

“A rare treat: A book that’s fun to read from cover to cover, while leaving you wiser and better-informed about who you really are.”